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Freedom Smith

[this is good] Yes, it counts, and it looks delicious!!!!


I'm not big into the cheese but the rest looks so good.

Hope you've been well.  


Looks delicious, but I'd say no.  Technically, no.  Food preparation, yes, cooking, no.


[this is good] Better than I could do.  How was it?


It was actually yummy. I had the peaches and the mozzarella and I was like "What does one make with this?" so I googled it and turned out I also had basil. (I know: WHO AM I?!!!) So you just cut them up and then drizzle with olive oil and add kosher salt (I used sea salt) and pepper.

I ate the whole bowl and was actually full.


Now this is my kind of recipe.  I'll have to give it a try!   Is unemployment making you domestic Daisy?  You are kinda freakin me out...


It's not unemployment, per sae, that is making me domestic; it's the byproduct of unemployment: Trying to not go out every night in an attempt to save money.

It's not *so* bad actually.


[this is good]

Hi, saw your blog a little while ago and liked the cat, so I became a neighbor.

Looks like a refreshing Summer snack. If you want to try an easy to prepare dessert (fruit compote), get some frozen vanilla yogurt and top it with warmed up berries.



Cooking, no!  But preparing a meal, very, very yes! 

And it is quite excellent.  I tried it after seeing your post.
I even added a little feta cheese to finish my plate and it was also delicious.


si, piu' o meno...


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